How has Indian Cuisine Become so Popular?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The Rise of Indian Cuisine


Indian food is the second most consumed cuisine in the world, following only Chinese cuisines. The reason for this popularity of Indian cuisine has to do with two things - the flavors of Indian food and Indian immigrants.

Indian immigrants have contributed to this spread of Indian cuisine worldwide through their influence on different cultures. Another reason is that, because there are so many ingredients that go into making an Indian dish, it's very easy to find something you like if you're not familiar with the cuisine.

Indian food has become popular worldwide due to its popularity in the recent years. India is the 7th largest country in the world, with 15% of the population being vegetarian. A lot of people are also lactose intolerant, so dairy products are not considered to be a part of everyday food.

Globalisation & Travel

This is actually a difficult question to answer. India's food has always been consumed domestically, not many Indians have ever travelled abroad. That being said, the rise of Indian food in popularity has been rapid. It was traditionally eaten by people within the Indian diaspora, but it has slowly spread to other parts of the world. India's cuisine is made up of many different regional cuisines that all have their own flavors and styles.

The popularity of Indian food is attributed to a wide variety of reasons. One possible reason for this uptick in popularity is the rise in branding and marketing efforts that brands have put into showcasing Indian food as a modern cuisine.

There are also other cultural influences that may have contributed to the rise in popularity of Indian cuisine. The influence of globalization, immigration, and increased travel opportunities for people all over the world may be one factor.

Indian restaurants have been popping up all over the United States and other countries thanks to modern trade agreements and a growing number of expats from India traveling abroad. Finally, there's a large population in North America who want to explore new flavors and cuisines.

The Indian Cuisine is full of flavor and spices which makes it difficult for people who are unused to spicy food to get used to eating Indian food regularly. It includes more vegetables than most other cuisines because of India's large vegetarian population, which makes it healthier than some other cultural diets.

New Flavours

Indian food has been popular on a global scale for a while now. It has a strong foothold in the USA, UK and Canada as well as many other countries.

What first made Indian food so popular?

Indian food first became popular because of its exotic flavour and spices which is not common to Americans or Europeans.

How did Indian cooking become so popular among the people from around the world?

Indian cooking became so popular because it had an international appeal with flavours from all over Asia.

It appears that the popularity of Indian food is due to the globalization process which slowly introduced this distinct cuisine to other parts of the world through restaurants and cookbooks.

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